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Spotkanie po Pielgrzymkowe

Data publikacji: 2019-09-11 Godzina: 20:38:51

We cordially invite you this Saturday (09/14/2019) for a meeting after the pilgrimage of the Green Group in the parish of St. Joseph. 

In connection with the fact that on this day is the Polish campaign under the Cross, the Way of the Cross will be celebrated at 17.30. At 18.00 there will be a Holy Mass. Then we invite you to a meeting in the rooms and, as every year, we ask everyone to bring with them a packet of cookies or a drink. We hope that we will all deviate as it was on the trail;) 

Dzi?? by??my wyruszali :( Oby do przysz??ego roku, "Zieloni, Zieloni..." :)
Autor: Magdalena
Data: 2020-08-07 07:43:37